New Line of Fine Art Silk Cashmere Just Out

Dear Friends,
I’m exited to share with you my latest collection of art on VIDA, a gallery of fine clothing! For every product sold, VIDA will provide the gift of literacy to the clothing makers they work with, so please assist them by shopping the collection at: or do a search at Vida for jill annette johnson if their pages don’t show me off
Thank you!

Kaliedoscopes, Mandalas, Beautiful Backgrounds

A voyage of self-discovery and therapy is available through art. Let me become the perfect guide with this journey of empowerment, discovery and joy.

Are you are aware that humans think in images a lot more than they think in words?
I provide an opportunity just within to further improve our outlook, perspective, attention, awareness, and manage stress, and improve thought processes by looking through an art lens called Kaleidoscopic Reiki.

I’ve assembled video kaleidoscope movies of my art to include Reiki healing and relaxing music into high quality screensavers, which are now available starting at $25 downpayment. DVDs and other digital formats as listed below also now available upon request according to your needs.Paypal quality assurance and easy transactions available by sending instant payment to (just click the link to open Paypal if you’d like to get this transaction going immediately).

These are moving mirror images of my art and photography. The movies below are at a lower quality for the sake of easy loading on the web and theft prevention (and yes, if you take them I can find you because they are copyrighted and watermarked). Should you be the honest type who would rather support the artist, I will in the format you prefer…mkv, mov, wmv, avi, mp4, flv, screensaver and desktop wallpapers available too, even if you want a kaleidoscope made of your own colorful image, I can certainly do that or one like one of these below in regular, high definition, NTSC, widescreen, or computer or web formats or any derivatives of this as listed above made to suit your device and screen size just fill out the inquiry form below to inquiry.

Look through the kaleidoscope posts for samples you like, contact me with your request, and I will make you up a custom kaleidoscope.
I promise, the work is more beautiful than I expected and your eyes and soul will be amazed and grateful too. We all need some beauty and fun, you need some fun images perhaps for your videos or web. True beauty and fun are good for the aura of the universe, they are good karma, buy a few for the world.
Prints, clothing, bedding, hats, totes, mugs, pillows; of single images, art, kaleidoscope stills, and photography are ready to purchase at the following galleries:
I’ll give you the stills samples first so as not to make you too dizzy

Reiki Beautiful Certifications Available

If you would like to achieve certification in for Medicine Buddha Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Fusion Reiki, Ascended Masters Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, or Violet Flame Reiki, I can assist you with your attunement and make you a personalized certificate of completion for your level. After your training and attunements (3 are needed to reach master teacher level), I can send you a beautiful 8 1/2 x 11 inch certificate such as the one you see below, printed in color onto a fine white linen paper. The price for an attunement via phone by appointment with me is $20. The certificate is $10 and you can get certificates made up for whatever level you are at, 1 2, or 3=(Master Teacher). The uses of the Reiki are priceless and limitless. Fill out the form below to contact me about scheduling attunements and type of attunement you want along with which info on certificates (if you are a little color shy, I can print these up in black and white instead) contact me if you would like to get started with Reiki, otherwise known as natural healing of body, mind, soul, and spirit…..


For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been researching various forms of natural healing. My studies have included: yoga, tai chi, meditation, natural gardening, whole foods, ayurvedic medicine, herbal remedies, essential oils, henna, EFT tapping, psychology, art therapy, and reiki. Until the time I am able to get this wealth of information into a somewhat condensed and organized forms of books and videos, I’m offering consultations and energy healing sessions. I can combine above therapies and tips to suit your needs, so am hoping you will fill out the contact form so I can talk with you.


You’ll find other pages related to this throughout the rest of the site too, so please allow yourself some fun and relaxation by browsing through slowly. Namaste’

Reiki Guide Guardian Wallpaper

I have a friend who needs food, shelter, and protection.
Maybe you have a friend like this too.
I am putting out this Reiki Guardian of the Flame Wallpaper for those who are studying Medicine Buddha Reiki in hopes they will use this guide correctly and study thoroughly. I encourage much and many years to study the subjects involved in the principles and only use of this with good intent for the universe. You can use this as computer wallpaper if you want. If you would like a copy of the artwork only wallpaper, send me a contribution via paypal. The money is going for a purpose of world healing, so I won’t put a price on it when it is the thought that counts. This artwork came about as I took pictures of the birch in the Fall, I loaded the pictures into photoshop and made a kaleidoscope image of them. The little figures holding lights you see in the top middle and bottom were natural occurrences and I literally jumped out of my chair as I saw the guardians of the flame appear. It was probably the most magical thing I’ve ever witnessed while doing art, and the image has been nudging me towards a study of natural healing with light, frequencies, metaphysics, reiki, and the like.

guardian of the flame medicine buddha symbolism and mantra study

guardian of the flame medicine buddha symbolism and mantra study

Catharticism is getting rid of a Naugahyde bar

I’ve literally been getting plastered since Spring, So far I’ve gone through 4 five gallon buckets of plaster and will likely need more by Winter. Today I went through 1/3 a bucket, got some in may hair, ceiling work is challenging that way. If you need Venetian plaster, sculptural plaster art on walls, painting, faux finish, or other stucco or plaster texture work done, give me a ring, I’ve come to be an expert by practice, and no I don’t drink but I do get really plastered and look like a dropcloth on paint and plaster days.

100_0001 100_0013 100_0014 100_0015 100_0016 100_0017 100_0018 100_0019 100_0020 100_0021 100_0022 100_0023 100_0024 100_0025 100_0026


















































This old house really needed attention and fixing. It had: 500 staples (at least) in the upper attic room, holes in the closet wall where someone chopped at it with a screwdriver, a crooked ugly Naugahyde bar on a sloped foundation with a crooked cutout in the wall and finish work attached with 4″ barn nails and carpet glue was a cathartic experience unlike any other to get rid of…there is now a textured wall where the bar used to be and I could not be more pleased to have told the previous owner yesterday that he would not believe what we did with his bar scene (the only pathetic remnants we have left of his tasteless decor is the saloon scene we left in the closet just to mock what requires mocking, the previous owner also left us with carpet glue and staples that held up the uninspired kitsch ripped wallpaper of ducks in beige, and worn out carpet scraps that should have gone in a dumpster 20 years ago were unceremoniously and heartily ripped from their roots to be throw out the window asap. Most walls were in need of fresh paint at the least, the attic room had a dark and foreboding paneling, so for those of you who cannot stand paneling like I cannot stand paneling….I HAVE COME UP WITH A SOLUTION. Trade secret though. If you must get rid of annoyances such as the above, you’ll have to hire me. I made the panel walls into Venetian plaster with horse  sculptural art. This is my master’s thesis in old home repair. The last house took 14 years, this should be accomplished as done enough within a year of my rare spare time. I found a floor under that scrap carpet that now looks great painted, and a floor that remind me of my best friends’ when we were young, the whole room looks young again. For the moment I can do you Venetian plaster or stucco and painting right or left handed, sideways, on a ladder and upside down. Wallpapering was a cinch. I’m sure I left out a few annoyances I could help the right person fix, but that would mean a consultation with me if you are up to it.

Printing ink tattoos Not to do

There seems to be a new (or maybe old)  fad around where people are using printers to make tattoos that they then apply to their skin. As someone who formerly worked in printing places and has witness some nasty reactions to inks, solvents, and the like, I’ll be the first one not to tell yo how to do a printer tattoo, and will say instead to please go do your homework before you decide to become an overnight tattoo artist.

Due to the wide variety of inks and dyes, there is no one simple answer as to the dangers of printer tattoos because the inks are comprised of a wide variety of substances which vary according to manufacturer and printer type. One way to find out what is in the ink or toner, and I do recommend you contact the manufacturer of your particular printer and ask them to send you their material safety data sheet on the particular ink it contains, or get this info from whoever refills your cartridges. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS, study them, know them well, make them your friend.

Rule of thumb: if you can’t eat the ink, don’t put it on your skin. The skin does absorb what is put on it. If what is put on it can cause kidney or liver damage, or hives, or blisters, or any other number of ill-effects, one can take up a chair in the office of a professional tattoo artist or henna artist. As a professional, I would not ever use a printer tattoo, and hope nobody else tries it before thorough research. Here’s a couple of sites that offers some insight on printers that I think you will also find helpful:

Jill Johnson

henna mehandi feet

henna mehandi feet












P.S. Please also get henna from reputable sources which test the purity. Do not use black dyes for the same reasons as above. Henna as seen in pic should stain from red to brown, not a true black.

Shifting Into 9th Gear: 9 Tips for Neutralizing Burnout

We have these busy lives full of expectations often not of our own choice. That’s how it is they say, just play the game. I’ll cut to the chase because you (and I) have to go to the dreaded work scene soon and I don’t want to take up any more of your time than I must. Here’s what we can do to make our time more pleasant and less stressful. Nine being a magic number can get you where you want to be.

1. Get up an hour earlier than usual to get ready for a good day. Nothing can get your day off to a bad start like getting into an accident on your way to work because your brain did not have time to transition from sleep to awake enough to function. Give yourself a nice breakfast, do some light stretching exercises, and meditate for at least 30 minutes before you hit the road. The food will fuel you, the stretching and meditation will act to flex and gently wake your brain so it will behave more efficiently, calmly, and creatively. This is the short and shallow list, a more detailed account of shifting gear techniques will be available in my upcoming art therapy book. For now, just be sure to at least do step one.

2.Notice the people around you who seem to enjoy work. Pick their brains. Why are they enjoying themselves? Try their behavior on for size, some aspects may be adaptable to your own personality. The people to learn something from are the ones with genuine smiles. Take someone genuinely happy out to lunch if you can.

3. Use the suits that fit and discard the suits that reinforce the ideas that this job sucks. A change of timing at the watercooler or breaks can often be the difference between having to listen to negative job aspects you already know and coping techniques that you may not have noticed. “Friends” who reinforce only the pitfalls are really time wasters who appreciate the company of misery. The squeaky complaining wheel gets greased all right, so greasy it cannot be handled. Say a quick hello to the wheel, then let that wheel roll on by, instead of greasing it more, check you watch and time how long it takes to get down the road out of hearing distance.

4. Boredom is a mindset we can dispense with. Effective people such as you and I can elect to view each day as a challenge, an opportunity to exercise the brain in creative ways. The boredom is a result of being caught up in a linear and uncreative thought pattern. How do we get creative. I have hundreds of ways. First, decide change would be fun.

5. Take the challenge to get so good at your job that you can do it backwards, forward, right handed, left handed, upside down, and with your eyes closed all while listening to some nice mellow music. Get so good at your job you can go with the flow of the music and eventually notice the workday is over and your work got finished almost as if someone else did a fine job for you. If you are at this point you can then point out to the boss that being ambidextrous could work well for the company, given a position change (along with a raise).

6. Redecorate your cubicle with things you find inspirational and colorful. If you don’t have a cubicle, redecorate the inside of your head. Gather up and memorize inspirational images and words. Add to the inspiration list daily to give yourself and others the gift of a positive outlook. Refer to your list whenever Mr. Squeak enters, say hello to Mr. Squeak and explain you have to tend to a project and do not have time to talk. Look at your watch and time the wheel again as it leaves. Count the squeaks, it’s not just you hearing all this extraneous noise, and that can be a relief to know.

7. Do some heart-pumping exercises on your lunch break along with a healthy lunch and light meditation. The exercise and healthy lunch will help get the positive and creative chemicals moving in your body. The meditation can provide a ideas needed to make the afternoon pleasant.

8. Look for odd and novel things around you as the day progresses. Collect ideas throughout the day as if they were tokens to that vacation you want, because in reality, new ideas are the things companies want and need. Keep a private journal of these novelties. When they incubate into the big ideas, well, you’ve made some huge steps to conquering job burnout and have the tools and knowledge to master your destiny.

9. Once you get that much deserved vacation, email me about getting a good read on this subject and other flummoxing conundrums we face daily. Read my upcoming book on Art Therapy, which applies to everyone, and maybe I could call it life therapy instead… on……… me to pre-order and get a grip on the 9th gear.

Jill Annette Johnson
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and to remind myself of what is really important in life, I’m collecting various images on pinterest. Perhaps someday I will collage wallpaper my room with inspiration posters, and of course make some inspired gourds and such. I hope you’ll visit the pinterest boards along with my galleries and as always, I hope you enjoy!