World Healing Day, April 30, 2016

Have you ever noticed in online searches that sometimes the relevant information gets lost in the amount of information? Such is the case with World Healing Day. On Google search there are several references to several different dates for World Healing Day could easily be confused with a myriad of other more specific healing days. Although most are likely positive and beneficial, the one having to do with the the open-ended transmission of healing energy that is beneficial to all is on the last Saturday of every April, and includes related events on every day of the weekend surrounding it.

On April 30, 2016 the vibration of the conscious energies of millions of people throughout the world will focus on “One World, One Breath”. Anyone wanting to participate in World Healing Day is welcome and can be assured they are joining with global consciousness if they mark calendars for April 30, 2016.

The power of group consciousness directed toward an aim such as peace has been tested, and has proven astonishing results of at least a 70% drop in violence, warfare, and terrorism, according to Permanent Peace Organization. Quantum physicists and scholars alike have carefully scrutinized the power of meditation in and find results are consistent and nearly immediate, when people collectively focus on an end-result of healing or peace while in a relaxed delta state of meditation, the focus becomes reality.

If you would like to see a fascinating ongoing study of meditative phenomenon such as brain painting, random data tapestries, and music in data, check out The Global Consciousness Project of Princeton University, and what better way to promote world peace can there be than to involve a university of minds simultaneously on World Healing Day?

The founder of World Healing Day, Bill Douglas, set this forth as a day we can meditate, pray, and focus on the mantra “One World, One Breath”. Mr. Douglas has provided us with a central point to integrate universals of mind, body, and spirit at Here you will find worldwide and real-time videos of the these events, along with an abundance of resources and connections to the events.

Does anyone else have the honor of a birthday that falls on April 30? For my part in celebrating my own birthday, I will be offering 99 healing art and music videos regarding; reiki, qi, meditations, readings, visualizations, and additional resources on youtube and on These videos are designed to assist with reaching a calm and focused state of meditation in which you may begin to heal yourself and others, bring peace into being, experience delta frequency waves of art and music, and learn a multitude of techniques you can use to create inner and outer peace.

Art therapy has been a topic of my recent research, and in doing so, I have found a multifaceted meditative approach as demonstrated in these videos to good effect and makes meditation easier to assimilate and understand. Ultimately, they were designed to bring peace online and into hearts. In a most recent video I have had the privilege of working with a prodigy and truly inspired musician, Suduaya who naturally includes waves of abundant love and peace in his music. I hope you attend and meditate with me and the many bright minds and hearts as we focus on the peace of unity.

In searching these resources, you will find a collage of helpful information covering many groups throughout the world as they practice he events being held that day including; tai chi, qigong, yoga, prayer, healing, meditation, art, music, reiki, and dance. It is an opportunity to hone these skills while connecting with energy to heal self, others, and our precious planet.

Suduaya Shaman, Meditative Video for World Healing

This huge meditative party of collective consciousness happens to be a day to celebrate. It would be great to acknowledge just how many guests plan on attending this event. If you are planning on spending this day celebrating with us, and with me on my birthday, we hope to see a comment or thumbs up from you, your friends, neighbors, and your families, on April 30, 2016, a Saturday, which is reason enough to take a breath, relax, meditate, and take another breath,and Om with the world.


Jill Annette Johnson

Jill is an artist, writer, reiki practitioner, and farmer, who lives in the heart of Minnesota. She graduated quite honorably from SCSU with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education, and is currently studying art therapy and healing techniques.
In her daily life, she integrates and promotes the concepts of holistic mind, body, and spirit with her works and shares her portfolio of experiences at


mehandi, mehandi, mehndi, henna, heena, temporary tattoo, body art, harquus, a skin stain, or orange stuff all the downtowners are walking around with on their hands

Whether you call it mehandi, mehndi, henna, heena, temporary tattoo, body art, harquus, a skin stain, or orange stuff all the downtowners are walking around with on their hands, it is all another form of painting to someone like me. I’ve been a painter for 50 years, learning from my brushes and pigments is my big love obsession. Of all art forms, mehandi appeals to me due to the flexibility and interaction with the models. But enough of my reasons, maybe readers have some questions I can answer on these pages. Email me if you still have questions after reading this, and I’ll add your questions and hopefully have an answer or two to add to these pages.

Yes there is someone out there I will admit is the expert: Catherine Cartwright Jones because she had done her Master’s thesis quite eloquently on mehandi, and quite thoroughly the historical aspects are covered in a manner much better than I could cover them. She does make make mehandi pdf’s available freely and I have her permission to pass this on. For most questions, she has answered.

That leaves my own agenda. I’m also an avid gardener and I grow many of the plants I use to make pigments and oils used in mehandi, naturally, of course. I started using mehandi to condition my hard-working hands and feet

Ambidextrous Taj Hands and Feet

Jill’s Ambidextrous Taj Hands and Feet

, (and you might notice I did both hands to myself. How? well I guess I’m ambidextrous and have found this medium challenging because of the wide range of different skin types and angles I paint from, plus the subject can move) and I have found I personally really need this process to soothe and heal my skin. Aside from that, I love nature colors on anything.

Since the stains are derived from plants, our skin is drinking in nourishment, I would love to add that my gardening hands and feet are much appreciative of this type of treatment. I grow many of the ingredients I use in mehandi, and doing so gives me more flexibility in color choices of the stains. I’ve found the natural pigments in beets, rhubarb, violets, berries and other plants extol wonderful hues you just can’t seem to find at the tattoo parlor. This year should be magnificent for mulberries. I also happen to make and sell award winning preserves of mulberries if you’d rather eat them. But back to the subject at hand.

These stains are safe and temporary. As an advocate of nature who’s personally averse to needles and chemicals I see no reason to use toxic items on myself or others. I also distill my own essential oils for this process, a process I began due to the fact a large cedar limb fell and I felt obligated to capture and preserve the scent for all to enjoy. I expanded to lilacs to capture that short-seasoned awesome scent all year long, mint because it cools in the Summer, and others because I feel they heal. These are the treasures of nature I use to do mehandi.I have to admit I love my job even after 50 years!

If you have allergies, I urge customers to inform me before a session. If possible, we work around personal sensitivities.
If you do have sensitivities, I will ask you to sign a waiver before proceeding with this process at appointment time.

To explain care and aftercare I hope you’ll read through these mehandi pdfs HennaCare1 & HennaCare2

I am also working on a video to walk through the whole process, but only have so many hands and they are all busy with more hands. Anyway if you give me your hand, I’d put some art on it. Let me know if that sounds like an option.

Jill Johnson


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