New & Improved Old Corn Recipe

Let’s face it, whether or not you have lots of disposable income, if you have a freezer, you probably have some old corn in it, somewhere. Here’s the dilemma. Do I waste it, or do I taste it? This is something I’ll reserve judgment on. If old corn seems passable, here’s the improvement. As per our dear Julia (Child) might do if she were me:

You’ll need:
Over mature and maybe freezer burnt or otherwise somewhat sub-par corn, about a pint aught do it for any family. Put it into a Pyrex casserole and add 2 cups of milk and 1/2 a medium sized chopped up onion.
Bake at 350 an hour uncovered.
Go prop up all of the corn outside that the wind blew over, that aught to take an hour at least. We don’t want to have to make this dish again anytime in the not too distant future.
Grate up a block of Monterey Jack cheese and top the corn and bake another 15 minutes.
Prop up a few more corn stalks and water horses.
Turn off oven. Go out and pick eggs a peak production no more than 3 belts.
Come back in house and turn the oven to 200 to 215. Go feed the horses. Finish picking last belt of eggs, go back in house and wash up.
Set table.
Serve this with lots of butter and salt and pepper. If they can make Lutefisk taste ok with lots of butter and salt and pepper, I’d recommend it for this as well.