Energy Healing Therapy

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been researching various forms of natural healing therapies. My studies have included art, yoga, tai chi, qi-gong, meditation, natural gardening, whole foods, ayurvedic medicine, herbal remedies, essential oils, henna, EFT tapping, psychology, art therapy, and reiki. I’m offering consultations and energy healing therapy sessions suited to your needs, so am hoping you will fill out the contact form so I can talk with you.

For those of you wanting to try out and familiarize yourselves with some of the energy techniques, I have 99 videos available (most are on my youtube channel), so submerse yourself in the colorful energy rays I have sent, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as therapy is a continuum as is my site and channel where I channel relevant and useful information to you. If you keep these concepts in mind and in your bookmarks, you will find that you are well on your way to getting well and are gaining expertise in these concepts.

Many of the videos I made were in honor of world healing day, and continue to be a meditations practiced now in a group I formed specifically for this purpose and to refine skills of energy healing techniques with other seasoned practitioners. If you contact me for a subscription to 11 personalized sessions you will be given the key to that door as well, where you will find a stunning wealth of wellness support. The question to ask yourself is simply, would I like to feel better. Be assured, you can, and I can help you with getting there.

Related writings and background pdfs will be listed here as I begin corresponding (readings, other meditations and more attunements & art therapies videos which will be on my youtube channel)
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Handful Of Leaves
Amitabha The Novice and Religious Difference
Samantabhadra Devotions(1)
The root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing-Ming Yang (1)
some of my videos are listed here, but you might want to go direct to my youtube channel for the most current offerings.


You’ll find other pages related to this throughout the rest of the site too, so please allow yourself some fun and relaxation by browsing through slowly. The kaleidoscope video featured below is a high definition reiki arts creativity visualization attunement, eye exercise, meditation, and sample reel of mandalas and kaleidoscopes rolled into one longer piece of peace and healing light and color energy I send out into the universe to become one with other frequency therapies floating on particle waves so you may om one on those waves too. May this do wonders for your health, chakras, well-being, and third eye.
Personalized art and or mandala movies you can use as backgrounds or screensaver movies,  and reiki sessions and diploma certifications available to those who wish to master subjects as well, contact me for more info.


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