Trifecta holiday crackers by Jill



Here’s what you’ll need;
A regular screwdriver with a rather large head
A pliers
A hammer
An Aluminum Mirro cookie press or 2 (with the ridged cracker cutouts)
A grain mill
A large heavy-duty coffee grinder
1/4 cup Homegrown rye berries ground in heavy mill, then ground to very fine in coffee mill
1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds Grind these up in coffee mill with the rye berries Option: you can use toasted and finely ground wheat germ instead of seeds of wild rice flour. As long as whole grains are used they will be healthy. Do Not Use Bleached or Enriched White Flour what ever you do!!!!!!!
2 Aluminum Mirro cookie presses
1/2 cup Wild rice flour mix from that grain mill we went to
A 1/2 block of cheddar cheese grated fine
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 stick of butter
A few tablespoons of water
A cookie sheet or two, ungreased

Mix up the food ingredients with a fork then put them into Aluminum Mirro cookie press. You will find that after trying to press two or three crackers out onto a cookie sheet that the cutout detaches from th press and makes a popping noise. This means someone forgot to beta test this device and now it needs to be fixed because the aluminum is not strong enough to hold the cutouts in place. You will now need to remove all the dough from the press and try the other cookie press to see if it also explodes. If the second cookie press also explodes, you will need to: remove the dough from the press, indent the edge that holds the attachment using a pliers and hammer, remove the screw on top, and start over many times. Do not be surprised if the dough still tends to ooze out the sides or pop open even after you “fix” both presses. If this is getting too involved, just use a rolling pin and cookie cutters or hand-form the crackers. If the press works good enough to get through all the dough, go ahead a use the press to put the rest of the crackers on cookie sheets. Next time Jill goes shopping (and since she does not like shopping, she probably won’t), Jill wants to try to find a stainless steel or some other unbendable cookie press. You can always buy a press for her. Bake the crackers at 350 until light brown, 10 minutes, I guess, cooking is an experience you make yourself, each experience unique, you be your own critic, this is just how Jill did it and this might not work for you.. Have a friend over to help you eat them or avoid the holiday hassles and eat them yourself.

Copyright 2012 Jill Annette Johnson
All Rights Reserved.