scathingly brilliant and resourceful recipe box grand opening

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Homemade happy face egg noodles,
Real nourishing chicken soup for a real cold,
Healthy hearty toaster strudels,
Fresh ground grain hush puppies,
How to grow ginger that becomes gingerbread cookies,
Fresh apple zucchini bread,
Goof-proof granola,
All about crackers,
Best big chocolate chip cookies,
Sesame sticks,
Fizzy snappy ginger ale,
Mucho mocha brownie cake,
Old German sauerkraut onion rolls,
Heirloom tomato steak sauce,
DIY cream of anything soup,
Krisp crunchy roll wrappers,
Peach potato yeast,
Swedish hard tak,
Sensational sourdough and the starter,
Healthy homemade biscuit mix,
Sesame sticks,
Hummingbird and oriole nectar,
Savioure-faire souffles,
Believe me best ever brownies,
Extra espresso parfait,
Cream of soup DIY,

and much much more