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In this list of idea generators I aim to create impetus towards positive change on behalf of Earth. There must be some ways we as human beings can help save the world. At the top of my list is the ground.

Ever seen the movie Dirt? If not, I believe you may be missing out on some valuable insights on our “nature”. Look for a dvd with a white heart with a flower in it on top of cracked desert on the cover, narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis and starring my favorite mycologist, it accurately sums up the obstacles we face and gives some solid proactive ideas towards rebuilding the earth. And I be the hummingbird asking your assistance.

Earthworms, bacterium, and mycelium are my ideas for the day. These are building blocks that support growth and eventually nourish & sustain us in our lives. Sustainable agriculture is not going to happen without care & consideration. The alternative of destruction is horrendous and has been pointed out by countless scientists. I’ll mention further reading later so you can decide for yourself.

My view-point is as a Farmer, Writer, Lover, Artist, etc……… who feels incredibly sad to see paradise lost.

Idea 1: research and start earthworm plots.

Idea 2: research and start oyster mushrooms. Paul Stamets helped clean up after the Exxon Valdese disaster, and so can you. I highly recommend his book called Mycelium Running, and you’ll find many other worthy reads on fungi perfecti.

Idea 3: research gardening this winter. Invest in and share these types of seeds which replenish themselves and make for a more sustainable world: non-GMO, heirloom, rare, open pollinated, heritage, native. As a rule of green thumb I grow only the aforementioned types and have found in general they produce better, tastier, healthier crops.  If it is a hybrid, it does NOT have a place in my yard.  Sustainability occurs when you save the seeds from your harvest to plant in future gardens, and especially when you share. I have a good variety of saved seeds available on Local Harvest to get you started.

And the bonuses:

I don’t have to buy new seeds year after year.

I cut WAY down on grocery bills by canning, freezing, or drying the harvest.  A typical grocery bill for my partner and I usually does not exceed $200 US per month.

         I’m convinced there is much more flavor and higher nutrition in non-hybrid crops.

         In a study GM Food Health Risks Ken Roseboro  GM corn & Roundup causes tumors and organ damage.

Idea 4:  Then get accustomed to getting your hands dirty.  Soil is your friend. Put a little cedar oil around your temples to deter bugs while you work. Knock it off with the ewweww,  abhore nature stuff and admit you are a part of the whole deal.

Idea 5:  Better yet, don’t buy anything from the large multinationals who want to take over food supply with sub-par, overly processed, supra-cleansed,  frankenfoods), when you can grow healthy food and prepare it yourself (with a few tips from yours truly). Find out who is in charge of the food companies you buy from, if at all possible buy local where you can personally check on how your food is grown. In the process of eliminating large multinationals from your diet, you will be assisting your neighbors, your town, and yourself.

I have a little factoid to share. Farm kids tend to excel in and miss less school. Why? They tend to be healthier. I believe one factor is exposure to the elements of nature. Soil, air, bugs, bacteria are not all bad, not at all. A healthy soil produces healthy plants and helpful soil organisms, so revert to Ideas 1 and 2 in intentions and check out Sally Fallon’s book called Nourishing Traditions to get a global view of just how much healthier we could be.

And since according to some idle hands (and I would add minds) are the workshop of the devil, as promised, I am adding a plethora of further reading daily. The list of things to do might become dizzying. Hold on, check back.

Nobody said it would or should be easy.

Mayonnaise and the Origin of Life Thoughts of Minds and Molecules by Harold J. Morowitz

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