Red Hatted Women spotted at the local library


After my recent implosion onto a library book, as mentioned in my article of July 4, 2012, I returned my proofreading book to the library with such shame I felt I could not show any librarian my true identity. I inserted the wet (and now moldy) proofreading book (in a plastic bag) with a profuse apology note to all librarians everywhere, into the book drop box. Have mercy, I did not finish the proofreading book before I wrote this. And I saw a gang of red hatted women congregating around the periphery of the library. I take this as a very good sign that my month will improve now that I fessed up.

Believe it or not, I did not know there really was such a thing as the Red Hat Society until a friend of mine said there truly were clubs like “that” all over the country. Coincidentally, on a really bad day, a week after this conversation with her, it was inspiring to see a troupe of red-hatted women, each hat unique and purposeful tending to the power under their hats, on a mission to inform the public of the presence of higher awareness via education. Oh to have the time to join them!

Even though my friend is not a member, she would be accepted instantly because she’s smart. She owns the rule book: When I am
an old woman, I shall wear purple. Me too. And being a real friend, she of course borrowed me the book as I said I would perhaps like to join their club. For I too, was born to be a member of the Red Hat Society, almost.

My friend is my informant. I’ll not name her name, because as any red-hatted woman or friend of one would tell you, that’s not nice, and we need to operate with a certain amount of decorum. By the conventions of such a group we would prefer to keep name-calling to a bare minimum, and are expected to adopt a language which allows us to more precisely call it what it is. You know a true red hat woman has the information though. Whether or not the hat is on, that much is always apparent to anybody who is paying attention.

I don’t have a red hat yet. All the really fabulous red hats disappear too quickly from store shelves. I might have to wear my red bandana instead. Out of necessity, I wore red bandanas since I was sixteen so I could ride my bike wherever I wanted. surprize, surprise, the red bandanas are a current fashion statement. I object to following fashion though, I’d rather be a forerunner like my Granny and invent biscotti & faux finishing 10 years before it becomes stale with fashion.
red bandanas, always in fashion

I’d like to offer my services of predicting fashion to this honorable society.
I suppose you could call this my application for admission into the ranks of the official Red Hat Society. If you are a fan or member please contact me at your earliest convenience.

by Jill Johnson
Copyright 2012 Jill Annette Johnson. All Rights Reserved