Kaliedoscopes, Mandalas, Beautiful Backgrounds

A voyage of self-discovery and therapy is available through art. Let me become the perfect guide with this journey of empowerment, discovery and joy.

Are you are aware that humans think in images a lot more than they think in words?
I provide an opportunity just within to further improve our outlook, perspective, attention, awareness, and manage stress, and improve thought processes by looking through an art lens called Kaleidoscopic Reiki.

I’ve assembled video kaleidoscope movies of my art to include Reiki healing and relaxing music into high quality screensavers, which are now available starting at $25 downpayment. DVDs and other digital formats as listed below also now available upon request according to your needs.Paypal quality assurance and easy transactions available by sending instant payment to jilljjam@gmail.com (just click the link to open Paypal if you’d like to get this transaction going immediately).

These are moving mirror images of my art and photography. The movies below are at a lower quality for the sake of easy loading on the web and theft prevention (and yes, if you take them I can find you because they are copyrighted and watermarked). Should you be the honest type who would rather support the artist, I will in the format you prefer…mkv, mov, wmv, avi, mp4, flv, screensaver and desktop wallpapers available too, even if you want a kaleidoscope made of your own colorful image, I can certainly do that or one like one of these below in regular, high definition, NTSC, widescreen, or computer or web formats or any derivatives of this as listed above made to suit your device and screen size just fill out the inquiry form below to inquiry.

Look through the kaleidoscope posts for samples you like, contact me with your request, and I will make you up a custom kaleidoscope.
I promise, the work is more beautiful than I expected and your eyes and soul will be amazed and grateful too. We all need some beauty and fun, you need some fun images perhaps for your videos or web. True beauty and fun are good for the aura of the universe, they are good karma, buy a few for the world.
Prints, clothing, bedding, hats, totes, mugs, pillows; of single images, art, kaleidoscope stills, and photography are ready to purchase at the following galleries:
I’ll give you the stills samples first so as not to make you too dizzy