Catharticism is getting rid of a Naugahyde bar

I’ve literally been getting plastered since Spring, So far I’ve gone through 4 five gallon buckets of plaster and will likely need more by Winter. Today I went through 1/3 a bucket, got some in may hair, ceiling work is challenging that way. If you need Venetian plaster, sculptural plaster art on walls, painting, faux finish, or other stucco or plaster texture work done, give me a ring, I’ve come to be an expert by practice, and no I don’t drink but I do get really plastered and look like a dropcloth on paint and plaster days.

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This old house really needed attention and fixing. It had: 500 staples (at least) in the upper attic room, holes in the closet wall where someone chopped at it with a screwdriver, a crooked ugly Naugahyde bar on a sloped foundation with a crooked cutout in the wall and finish work attached with 4″ barn nails and carpet glue was a cathartic experience unlike any other to get rid of…there is now a textured wall where the bar used to be and I could not be more pleased to have told the previous owner yesterday that he would not believe what we did with his bar scene (the only pathetic remnants we have left of his tasteless decor is the saloon scene we left in the closet just to mock what requires mocking, the previous owner also left us with carpet glue and staples that held up the uninspired kitsch ripped wallpaper of ducks in beige, and worn out carpet scraps that should have gone in a dumpster 20 years ago were unceremoniously and heartily ripped from their roots to be throw out the window asap. Most walls were in need of fresh paint at the least, the attic room had a dark and foreboding paneling, so for those of you who cannot stand paneling like I cannot stand paneling….I HAVE COME UP WITH A SOLUTION. Trade secret though. If you must get rid of annoyances such as the above, you’ll have to hire me. I made the panel walls into Venetian plaster with horse  sculptural art. This is my master’s thesis in old home repair. The last house took 14 years, this should be accomplished as done enough within a year of my rare spare time. I found a floor under that scrap carpet that now looks great painted, and a floor that remind me of my best friends’ when we were young, the whole room looks young again. For the moment I can do you Venetian plaster or stucco and painting right or left handed, sideways, on a ladder and upside down. Wallpapering was a cinch. I’m sure I left out a few annoyances I could help the right person fix, but that would mean a consultation with me if you are up to it.