Applewood smoke dried thyme & celery

Now I suppose it will come as a shock to a certain segment of our society who thrive on hypochondria, but it occurred to me to be a good day for anything applewood smoke roasted: herbs and garlic, and shallots, and grifola frondosa, and heirloom pantano romanesco tomatoes. This would make for very savory winter fare Julia would applaud. Especially if I used butter. So I used lots of smoked butter. I also have had time to get to making more cedar oil, such a beautiful/fruity/spicy/sweet/earthy, really so fresh it is intoxicating, no kidding, cedar oil is a delight to make! I’m not going to apologize for any of my ritual fall activities. This, is the new stuff. And if you’d like to see garden picture please visit my galleries. If you are looking to buy garden goods, I have a store on Local Harvest available 24/7….go spoil yourself.